With ever-changing technology navigating telecommunications features and services for your business can be overwhelming. Knowing what services are available and which are best for your unique needs can make a difference in the level of service you offer to your customers.

Auto attendant allows incoming calls to be directed to an extension without an individual needed to transfer the calls. It’s a virtual receptionist that can greet callers and forward their calls to the appropriate department or employee. For businesses with a large volume of incoming calls auto attendant can efficiently handle calls without long waits on hold for the caller.

There are several features available through an auto attendant service.

1) Auto attendant can quickly answer calls and address callers with a personalized greeting specific to your business.

2) Call transfers can be mapped for the best routing options based on the types of calls your business most often receives.

3) Answers to common questions like business hours can be recorded with general announcements and can be quickly and easily changed if needed.

4) An automated directory allows callers to quickly find the party they need.

5) Creating a system menu with exit and repeat options allows calls to be forwarded to specific departments so customers can quickly get the information they need.

6) Can be easily adjusted to include additional options as your business grows. A telecommunications professional can provide more information and can help you tailor an auto attendant service for your growing business’s specific needs.

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