Standard paging or announcement systems consist of some type of microphone, amplifier, and speakers. Telephone paging systems eliminate the need for dedicated, complex, and expensive systems by using telephones already available throughout your business.

There are three big advantages to using a telephone paging system in your business:

1) Even knowing that communication is a vital component of your business’s success, traditional paging system can be cost-prohibitive. With a telephone paging system there are no costly installations. No wires to run or speakers to install. Any location in your business with a telephone can be used to send or receive announcements.

2) Telephone-based systems allow you to easily add employees or locations to the system without reinstallations. No need for complex alterations when your growing business adds employees or changes building configurations.

3) A telephone paging system allows you to make announcements or page employees throughout your business, not just in one building, but in multiple buildings through your business site, even in other locations and towns as your business expands. Places not accessible with traditional paging systems can simplify your business interactions and communication.

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