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A choice of state-of-the-art telecommunications options at affordable prices

Murfreesboro Telecom is a Tennessee based corporation which specializes in the sales, installation and maintenance of business telephone systems, voicemail systems and cabling services.

Murfreesboro Telecom represents a number of manufacturers, which enables us to offer you, the consumer, a choice of state-of-the-art telecommunications options and features at affordable prices. Only you know what your particular requirements and probable future needs are. Our job is to provide you with solutions and the appropriate equipment that will make your life easier as well as fulfill your needs.

Connecting your main and remote office networks and phones

Let us connect your small or medium sized business to networks of two or more offices. As your business grows and you expand to multiple offices, you can remain on one unified network. We can centralize your computing resources while connecting remote offices to back-end business processes.

Voice mail and Automated Attendant Systems

Let us set you up with an auto-attendant or digital receptionist. This voice menu system allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through receptionists or phone systems. For a caller to find a user on a phone system, a dial-by-name directory can also be installed. This feature allows callers to press a key to automatically ring the extension of a user once his/her extension is announced by the auto attendant.

Call Accounting Systems

Call Accounting Systems document telephone usage and provide the ability to capture, record and assign costs. Most systems can also detect both inbound and outbound calls, as well as ring outs, routings and abandoned calls. This telecommunications software or hardware application can cover usage of small to large enterprises.

Message on Hold Solutions

While your customer is on hold, you have a captive audience should you wish to inform or promote specials with a prerecorded message or jingle. Many businesses take advantage of this feature to improve overall sales.

Unified Messaging Applications

Unified Messaging Applications (UMS or Unified Messaging) is the one-stop-shop for managing voice, fax or text messages using a single platform for a user to access everything through a unified app. This also keeps your devices clutter-free by eliminating the need to download multiple messaging apps.

Business Telephone Systems

Business phone systems are complex calling networks designed to improve communications for small to large organizations. In doing such they go far beyond the capabilities of a typical residential telephone system by handling advanced business needs like customer service calls and essential call rerouting to the proper recipients.

Wiring your new facility for both voice and data

Updating your existing communication system has never been so important.

Pre-installation Program Meeting.

We’ll review crucial information before your installation begins, and tailor our plans to your unique situation and needs.

Programming of the telephone system for the new application

Today's business phone systems are filled with valuable features and tools. Murfreesboro telecom will help you program your new telephone system for new applications and more.

Follow-up training of your staff, as needed

For truly effective implementation, we offer follow-ups with your staff to streamline the transition into your new telecom systems. Together we can determine what roles must change or whether the training process for new employees requires updating.

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