A call accounting system is a software applications that analyzes and organizes all the incoming, outgoing, and internal calls in a business’s or organization’s telephone system. It call detect and categorize call routings, rings, and abandoned calls among other telephone events and provide business owner’s with detailed reports of all call activity. A call accounting system can be a powerful business tool to help the business owner understand and improve the efficiency and efficacy of phone system usage for the company.

A telephone system can be an expensive resource for a business. Understanding phone system usage within the business can help owners minimize waste and improve productivity by knowing when and where to improve training or provide employee incentives. With the move to more employees working virtually, a call accounting system can help employers make sure work is being done and in a timely manner.

A call accounting system can also analyze the different aspects of a business’s telecommunications systems from bandwidth to outages to verify billing and help optimize usage. It can also help find areas of over and under usage and even help pinpoint gaps and problems that lead to outages or dropped calls.

Aside from helping businesses get the most out of their telephone systems by recording and organizing calls and call data a call accounting system can make finding patterns of harassment or threats easy to access and report to proper authorities. When minutes matter this type of access could make all the difference in keeping you, your employees, and customers safe.

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