Unified messaging is the integration of all your business’s communication media (text messaging, email, voice messages, video messaging, and fax). So, how can unified messaging help your business and how do you choose the app that’s right for you?

A unified messaging system coverts voice messages to text or audio and sends all your messages to one mailbox, even organizing and prioritizing messages for you. Customizations allow individual team members to only get the messages relevant to their roles and access those messages remotely on various platforms. For small and growing businesses unified messaging is an affordable way for customers and coworkers to communicate efficiently through any mobile device anywhere.

Here's a look at the top unified messaging apps:

Pidgin – While not currently available on all platforms, Pidgin is free and open source. There are no ads and no features hidden behind paywalls. It does allow sending and receiving of video messages and images.

Adium – The top pros are an easy-to-use interface and open-source coding. However, it does not have built-in spam blocking capabilities.

Rambox – Rambox is a free app but not open-source. It does support a wide range of messaging services, from more well-known services like Gmail to over a hundred other service providers.

Franz – Also free and open-source, Franz does not support as many services as Rambox. However, it still supports over 65 including the more popular services.

To help you make the most informed decision about the application that’s best for you business, contact our representatives at Murfreesboro Telecom.

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