Cable fires account for about two-thirds of structure fires in the United States and as such are almost completely preventable. The main danger is from overheated wiring and sparking. Here’s a look at the causes of cable-related fires and what you need to know as a business owner to protect your business, and most importantly, your employees.


1. Improperly installed cables can spark at any time creating a hazard you’re not even aware of. These fires usually start in the walls or attic space and can engulf a structure before anyone is aware a fire has started.

2. Overloaded circuits carry more than they were designed to handle, causing them to overheat and pose a fire hazard.

3. Damaged cables caused by everyday wear like pinching between furniture compromises the cable insulation exposing the wiring to flammable materials like papers, carpeting, draperies, or upholstery. If the wires spark or overheat a fire can quickly spread.

4. Loose connections when power cords and plugs are not inserted all the way leave conductive prongs exposed allowing the electricity to spark potentially igniting nearby flammable objects.


1. Keep cable paths clear to prevent damage and ensure airflow to prevent overheating.

2. Don’t overload circuits. When using extension cords make sure you’re not exceeding the recommended wattage.

3. Have cables regularly inspected by the professionals at Murfreesboro Telecom. We can make sure existing cables were installed correctly and spot potential issues before they can cause problems.

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